Art Lessons Abroad

I’m no longer an art teacher, but i’ll always be an artist of some sort…  painting towns red and turning faces into inky lines on a piece of paper…

My time spent as an art teacher gave me lots of unique ideas for fun art-lessons. Travel too has gotten my gears turning, thinking of different projects and themes and so forth.  I miss teaching very much while I’m on the road, but have had some neat opportunities to teach abroad in foreign schools, or teach FROM abroad using Skype and email.  Expounding on an idea a friend helped develop, I would like to suggest art-lessons from a nomadic art teacher.  Why not?  Many of us are nomadic these days but technology has come a long way to keep us connected.  Isn’t it great?  I’m told we in this era are lucky for the gifts of our gadgets and I am beginning to agree.

As time gets more and more valuable the busier my schedule gets, I’ve decided to set my price for new students at 16$ for a half hour lesson (via paypal payments sent to kingdomofpeace (at) yahoo (dot) com) : this payment includes a lesson-plan and a half-hour instructional lesson via Skype.  I try to taylor each lesson to my specific student’s interests and skills.

If you’re interested in this idea, explore further by emailing me at yodermail (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Thanks so much!


6 thoughts on “Art Lessons Abroad

  1. We LOVE LOVE LOVE your art lessons, and highly recommend them. You’re the very first art teacher that our daughter (9) has said “When can we meet again?” – and she loves art! Thoughtful, intelligent, well-designed lessons – we’re in! Thank you!

  2. Katie says:

    What a great idea! Our daughter dreams of being an artist when she grows up. She is almost 5. What is the best age to start structured art lessons?

    • I think it depends on what creative exploring your daughter has already done. A child can spend a long time just exploring how art tools work before they begin to need a few more challenges to nurture that artistic interest. I have taught lessons for children as young as 4 before, but these lessons work best I think when they are treated more like play. This may mean that the project never really gets finished, but that’s ok! 🙂 Generally around 6 or 7 it becomes easier for a child to begin to put interest in the final product a bit more. Of course, as is true with anything, there are plenty of exceptions to the norm, so my basic advise for deciding when to move into a more structured art lesson is to take note of when “drawing a picture” or “painting a picture” don’t seem engaging or stimulating enough to keep your daughter’s interest or attention. In the meantime, it can be fun to have a giant tablet of multi-purpose paper and a box of “art materials” just to play around with.
      I hope that was helpful! I used to say that I wanted to be an artist when I grew up too, and that’s before I ever even gave drawing a try. 🙂 I bet your daughter will have a blast beginning the journey. 🙂

  3. […] Caroline teaches art to lots of kids (several other traveling families that we know of!) via Skype, and she’s fantastic at it.  […]

  4. […] I would highly recommend Caroline’s online lessons, if you have a child artistically inclined, the information for her lessons can be found at: […]

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