Window watchers

You know what I like about my Mother-in-law’s dogs?

They spent most of the morning at the window. The big dog perched his snout on the window sill while the little dog sat up straight, ears mimicking the posture of her back.


I sat there with them for a moment to see if I could tell what they were looking at, or looking for. But the thoughts of these dogs are yet a mystery, for I saw only patches of ice falling from the defrosting limbs above.

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve spent my time that way- just watching out a window. But I think I ought to do more of it because it is a welcome break from the clutter I usually give my eyes. Computer screens, highways, articles, instagrams.

How nice to watch ice fall from the limbs. How nice to watch how slowly clouds move across the sky. How nice to wait for an un-guaranteed squirrel sighting. (That is my dog-comrades’ favorite part of this window watching.)


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