Happy Birthday Grandma!

Today is a special day.

84 years ago an incredibly inspiring and generous woman was born.  Even though I’m far away from her, I am filled with thoughts of gratitude for who she is and the wonderful things she has done with her life.  What a selfless person she is.

And since it is my grandma’s birthday, I am especially mindful of the extraordinary approach she has to life.  For grandma, everything is an opportunity to serve.  I cannot tell you how much I admire that.  That is exactly what our world needs.  This world is so full of hate and discouragement and bitterness.  How refreshing to instead seek opportunities for service.  Healing.  Helping.  Encouraging.  My grandma is incredible at that.

And I want to be too.

We have a weird life.  Given the choice between a home and 9-5 jobs, or no home and the freedom to be our own employers, we chose the drifter’s life.  It has its pros and cons, just like anyone’s lifestyle does.  But after talking with my grandma today, I have a feeling that we will be able to do good things with our strange, here-and-there, hodge podgey lifestyle.  I don’t know exactly how the loose ends will get tied up.  I don’t know when we’ll be able to add a home of some kind to the mix.  Just as last year I had no idea we’d be doing what we’re doing now, I have no idea what next year will look like.  And the temptation is to be dissatisfied by the unanswered questions.  To feel restless.  But today I want to practice what my grandma has taught me through her example.  I want to practice the philosophy that today’s setting is the perfect setting for doing good things!

Isn’t that incredible?  Isn’t that a great philosophy?  And man.  I could write a book about the ways my grandma’s approach to life has helped so many people.  You see, my grandma finds a way to see everything as a resource for helping others.  If she has an hour, it’s not just an hour.  It is a chance to visit someone who needs a friend.  If she has a kitchen table, it isn’t just a kitchen table.  It’s a chance to serve someone with companionship and food.

Well, I have a different set of things in my life, but just as my grandma taught me to, today I want to see those things as resources for doing good things.  Because that’s how she sees things, and I think it’s a great way to approach life. 🙂

Thank you so much for being you, grandma!  And thank you for teaching us grandkids that anything can be used for good!  And that we can be helpful with whatever resources we have, no matter what they are.  Happy 84th birthday!

I hope you know how special and treasured you are!


One thought on “Happy Birthday Grandma!

  1. love this!! happy birthday!!

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