Friends and Vagabonds

Is it easier to leave, or be left?

This morning I woke up with a feeling that is familiar, but not fond.  It’s the same feeling I had back in college when I was doing a cross cultural trip in Northern Ireland and I woke up for my internship knowing that an hour earlier my parents and sister had left for the airport.  It’s the same feeling I had a year ago when my parents wrapped up their visit and headed back to Ohio while I started my work day.

It’s diving back into the routine after loved ones have offered a welcome riff.  

I had that feeling this morning because our time in Mexico with our Charlottesville friends drew to an end.  When I woke up at 8:30 am this morning, my friends were already on a plane home.  The sky was already twitter-blue and I heard vacationers laughing in the pool beneath my hotel window.  The waves hissed against the sandy beach and the sound of a jet ski filtered through my window.  But still that subtle annoyance was there- the knowledge that I must return to business as usual.  

That’s not part of a traveller’s life, that’s just part of anyone’s life.  Or at least anyone who has friends and family scattered elsewhere.  

And it wears off as the day goes on and the routine pushes itself back into importance.  

Web design instead of whale-watching; content editing instead of snorkeling; a rushed bight at the airport instead of breakfast with friends.

Everyone has a dichotomy, not just the traveller.  Many of our friends are in somewhat transitional stages right now so the conversational whirl-pooled around these topics.  One friend wants to be both a farmer and a vagabond.  The other wants both security and something to be passionate about.  

Unless you love just one thing in life, you too will have a dichotomy and to love one thing, would be very sad.  To love travel so much that I wouldn’t have that unsettling feeling I described of my waking thoughts  when my friends left, would be more sad than this reality.  It’s a “better to love and lose” kind of thing.  

It’s better to enjoy so many things, that you are sometimes without ALL the things you enjoy.


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