My husband is an animal whisperer

This week we made a quick trip to South Africa.

I know that sounds bizarre, but it’s true and very demonstrative of our life these days.  We left Houston for South Africa last Friday and will leave Africa this Friday (today).  A week-long teaser of Africa.

Despite how miserable an 11 hour flight, followed by a 12 hour layover followed by a 10 hour flight is…this trip to South Africa has been absolutely incredible.  Also, since we work as we travel, we can’t treat our trips as vacations.  Thus, 5 days in South Africa means 1 day of recreation, but that one day was as epic as 5 elsewhere.  It was incredible.  We rented a jeep for the day and went on a rouge safari in the small but enjoyable Pilanesberg National Park.

In fact, I think Drew may have some kind of super power for attracting animals.  …

Now, due to realizing that google does not like for the same content to appear twice on two different websites…(even if they’re both mine) I’ll need to link to my other website.  To finish the story and skip all the “tips of travel” bits, scroll down to the “Now I’m going to let my story-teller side out” portion of the post on this link: DIY Safari Johannesberg South Africa.

Thanks for cooperating with my goofy process of learning what does and doesn’t work for SEO on the internet.  In the future I will make sure I create entirely unique content for both sites.  Just this once however, please follow the above link to check out the full story on my other site.  





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