Work!  Who knew this untraditional lifestyle would come with a legitimate load of work!  (She says as she procrastinates…)


I have not been blogging weekly as I intended to because it turns out that travel is still real life, especially travel that’s designed to be sustainable.  It comes with a job to do so that money can be earned so that sustenance can be had etc etc.  


Sure I wake up when I want to wake up, but I don’t work 9-5 i work 11:00 to 11:00 or 11:00 to midnight or 11:00 to two a.m. or what have you.  


I love it though.  Instead of a lunch break in a break room, we go on a walk in downtown Kiev.  Instead of an off day, we follow the breeze and take our adventures when they come our way without notifying a single sole.


We’ve been staying stationary in Kiev for the last week and a half with one more week yet to go and as much as we’ve gotten done it feels like there’s still so much to do.  Building your own income is tough!  Drew’s been working monstrously hard and it is paying off!  His website is growing and he has more and more grateful and curious readers every day.


And every few days if I need a break, sure enough the skype-phone rings and I get to chat with my little nephews.  Kian peeked around the corner of the computer to try to figure out where I was so he could give me a hug.  Mom explained to him that I was “far far away”.  So he hugged the computer screen. 🙂


An when the fancy hits and aligns with the few things we have scheduled, we will spend a good chunk of time with those kidos.


Maybe this sustainable travel thing really is possible.


(This pic is from back in May.  Kian is so much bigger now!)



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