Apparently Count Dracula’s castle is here in Romania (specifically in Transylvania) and it is a popular tourist destination.  I hopped online for a really ill-timed bed-time reading of wikipedia’s information on who Dracula really was.

What I read made me pretty ok with skipping Dracula’s castle.  For some reason it seems more intriguing to visit the castle of this bizarre Count with an affinity for blood (the fictional Dracula) than it does to visit the castle which sometimes housed the violent warlord “Vlad the Impaler” (the actual Dracula).

Which made me concerned for myself as to why the bizarre fascinates me more than the gory, horrific reality.  Dracula did not indeed drink blood from the necks of passersby but instead he impaled thousands of civilians for the sake of holding claim over the region then known as Walachia.

What is tragic outside the context of war is still tragic within the context of war.  War or no war, this man impaled thousands upon thousands of people- women and children included.

Ya… I don’t need to see that man’s castle.  I’ll go look at a different castle where I can imagine Cinderella-like princesses climbing the stairs to great handsome princes and the like.


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