Machu Piccu and a surreal picnic

Machu Piccu itself is both incredible and hard to describe. It towers above a green landscape of mountains like a crown, nestled gently between peaks. It is perfectly isolated. Perhaps our long journey to get to Machu Piccu helped add to its feeling of utter…inaccessibility.
I imagine this far-away spot was picked out intentionally by the Incas nearly a thousand years ago when they carefully fitted rock against rock against mountain. They carved meticulously for a result that could even outshine modern stone masonry. Each piece fits perfectly against the other in the most important structures, and in the lesser ones, each wall fits cleverly against the bouldering slant of the mountain rock.
We wandered around the great stone estate, peering into rooms and looking out over vast open air above steep slopes below. We relaxed on the grassy terraces to picnic and to rest.
It was the most surreal picnic spot I think I’ll ever find. It feels worth mentioning somehow that I ate a banana on ancient Inca grounds high in the air and surrounded by an atmosphere of archaic mystery and grandeur.
Could I picnic at every wonder of the world before I die?
Perhaps one day I’ll compile a collage of banana-eating at the most impressive locations.
This is a tangent but I only mean to emphasize how mystical Machu Piccu felt…and how inappropriate and thrilling it felt to spend some time simply soaking it up…and being normal within that odd place. We took off our shoes. We laid in the grass. We were like kids between classes on a college campus.

There are places in this world that are not normal. They go far beyond normal and they simply cannot be minimized to “just a place,” in part because of all the history and mystery attached.
But sometimes the best way to soak that up is give up understanding the grandeur and just be there.
Eating a banana if you’d like.

…do you know what I mean?


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