Living in the sky

I don’t know what’s what right now.
Let me explain. Ever since leaving Rarotanga June 29th, we’ve been living in the sky: on the fly: hardly letting our feet touch the ground except for a brief sampling of Sydney and an attempt to switch our sleep habits with an 8 hour sleep during the daylight hours of Tokyo.

Here’s what we’ve done.
-We flew from Rarotanga to Sydney, crossing over the International dateline, thus wiping the 29th of June off the face of the earth after it had just begun.
-We dove into the incredibly awake and active Sydney streets, snapping photos and wondering about until after midnight with bodies that felt like it was after four a.m. We slept a few hours, then headed for an early flight.
-We then flew from Sydney to Bangkok, spent a few hours in the Bangkok airport, then headed for Tokyo.
-We arrived at our hotel early in the morning, slept as much of the daylight away as we could, then left at 8 pm to catch the last bus of the night directly to Haneda airport, where we are now sitting, whiling away the time until our 6:50 a.m flight. You see, Haneda airport is miles away from Narita where we flew into, or the hotel we snagged, and the train doesn’t open up for the morning until it would be too late to catch our flight. So…yes folks…it’s another night here at this familiar airport, where I’ve spent so many nights before in what almost seems like another life, so long ago.

What next?

I am so excited to be in a place where I’m relevant that I can’t even make a good blog out of it. I’m excited for a change of pace. I’m excited to see people who provide more conversation than the five-minute exchange from one traveller to another on a shared bus or ferry ride. I’m excited to see my family!

But i’m also excited that this trip isn’t over yet. This is a respit. A significant one, yes, offering nearly a month break from international exploration, but I don’t have to say goodbye to all of those wonderful little lifestyle quirks yet. At the end of July, after getting a wonderful breath of family, we’ll head off to South America where we can travel WITH our loved ones.

I couldn’t be anything but happy and grateful right now. Not only do I get to see my loved ones, but I can see them knowing that the adventures of travel aren’t ending yet.

Tokyo-NYC-Dallas-Houston-Arkansas-Ohio-Virginia-NYC-Chile-Easter Island-Peru

and so it goes 🙂


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