Walksabout and an unfortunate detail about New Zealand thrift stores

While visiting the beautiful town of Queenstown, Drew and I got to experience a few …treks.  I’ll call them treks because “walks” imply that we were not trapsing across steep and root-obscured landscapes.  But I won’t call them hikes because that implies a bit more success than we achieved out in the frigid air.  You see, on our first day in Queenstown, Drew and I headed straight for the Salvation Army.  Drew has a hoodie with him, and I’ve been carrying around two light sweaters, but we plopped ourselves down in the middle of winter when we decided to visit Queenstown.  Aukland, on the north island, had not felt too cold and I even found myself taking off my scarf when the sun was shining.  Queenstown on the other hand is on the south island, further from the equator and a fair bit colder.

Unfortunately, the salvation army gave us the option of 45 $ coats, equivalent to about 35 USD or so, roughly estimating.  That is not a backpacker’s price.  That is not a thrift-store price.  I have no idea where that price comes from, but it is simply too expensive.  That is the kind of price you find in a “vintage” shop.   No good.  So, we layered our clothing and began to explore our chilly paradise.

For the most part this worked out fine.  It cut a few of our “hikes” short (thus making them treks.)  My definitions are not quite as scientific and sound as Webster’s.

On our last day out and about in Queenstown, we set out for a trek that would take us winding along the side of the valley still untouched by the sun, under the tall and chilly shadow of the Mountain in Arrowstown.  Not a few steps down the trail, I slipped in my attempt to cross a creek and soaked the tip of my right shoe.  That’s a good way to cut a trek short.

All of the little treks combined however to give me a good picture of the wildly beautiful landscape in Queenstown.  Beautiful.  Truely Beautiful, like the pictures from childhood fairytales.


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