Fiji: thoughts and photos

Yesterday was a cloudy day here in Fiji.  Drew and I took a walk down the famed Natodola beach and watched the surfers plunge into the chilly waters only to tumble in the crashing and folding of white-foaming waves.  Together a dozen or so hovered in a little cloud, bobbing up and down with the waves as they waited for the biggest swells to crest.

The water looked to chilly for me to even want to dip my toes in.  (Fiji?  Cold?  It’s winter…but I use the word “cold” loosely.)

Perhaps surfers are just drawn to waves.  Powerful rises and falls of tremendous amounts of blue.  Hissing sprays and curling arches.  But I tend to believe that there’s an appeal beyond these.  Being the social creature I am, I immediately assume that there’s some sort of community that this shared sport provides, as is true for so many of these non-essential habits we give so much of our time.  In second thought however, I can hardly call a sense of community “non-essential.”

Not I.

We watched the surfers disappear into gray swirls of water and I found my thoughts wondering off into a day when we’ll have community again.  Perhaps I’ll find it in a group of people who can share stories of travel, or perhaps that history of travel will bury itself in a story-book of experiences and I’ll dive back into the scattered list of interests I’ve tampered with in my life.  Music.  Art.  Running.

Still, there are many people who find clever ways to maintain senses of community even while changing locations and even countries every week as we do.

This blog is I suppose one of my small ways of doing this.

And now… some photos of FIJI for all of my curious friends, ye readers. 🙂




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