The tallies

Though there are still a few countries to go…it feels like this particular round of locations is drawing to an end. I’m at least in the lesser half of my travel year, and, as a reflective person, it has made me think about the many things we’ve seen and experienced.
All the tallies.
For instance,

Items lost in transit somehow: Nikon D40 lens, USB mouse for laptop, white skirt, gray “drop Tom’s not bombs” shirt, white Adidas shirt, pair of boxers (taken by the wind off the clothes line…), a pair of swim-suit bottoms, a pair of sandals, one pair of goggles

Animals spotted along the way: Monkeys galore, geckos galore, chickens galore, a few elephants, a few monitor lizards, a mongoose, a half dozen peacocks, a crocodile or two, one very obscured leopard, far too many banana spiders, nearly a hundred or more dolphins, one very stubborn mahi mahi, many tropical fish, and what I believe was a small octopus.

Countries visited: China, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Japan, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Singapore, New Zealand and Fiji

Countries I breezed through for the visa stamping or to say a quick hi: Myanmar, South Korea, Australia

Coutnries yet to visit before this leg of travels is finished: New Zealand, Australia (?), Cook Islands, Chile, (and Easter Island!), Peru

Border crossings or flights that required the most negotiation or that almost didn’t happen: Thailand to Sri Lanka, China to Indonesia, Cambodia to Vietnam, Australia to…anywhere outside the airport…or even anywhere within the airport…

Flights missed: Sri Lanka to Thailand

Total flights flown: 34

Hours flown: 101.54

Miles flown:47,453

Odd foods eaten: Caviar (Drew), Sea Urchin (Drew), Ice cream with corn in it (Carrie), so many bean curd things, (….wow…we sorta failed in this category.)

Most “rustic” locations: the train in Sri Lanka, the restrooms in the Wuhan train station, REAL Chinese restaurants

if you think of any more tallies…tell me because like so many writers/thinkers/travelers/jokesters, I love lists!


2 thoughts on “The tallies

  1. Brittany Horton says:

    How many homes/hotels have you stayed in?

    • Alright Brittany, it took quite a bit of math, but I’ve finally got the tally for you. 🙂
      We have spent our nights in…
      45 hotels and hostels
      6 homes
      4 airports
      2 trains
      2 beaches
      2 buses
      1 car
      …so far 🙂

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