Ode to my dad

My Dad is an adventurer who cannot possibly be seen as anything but young in my eyes.  His birthday was just a few days ago and I am only now snatching some internet here in Saipan to gift him a well-deserved ode. 

As a kid, dad was a kid too, never afraid to tromp through the woods, swim in the pond, go sledding, build forts out of boxes, or any of the things kids think adults grow out of.  Dad never grew out of the ability to see the joy and adventure all over our little valley in Ohio.  Often times this spark for adventure took us beyond Ohio.  What some people may have looked at skeptically, my dad looked at with ambition and excitement.  I am so grateful for his willingness to do things a bit unconventionally, and embrace the things that others may have shaken off as impossible. 

For instance, once summer we drove from Ohio to Alaska and back, all in a van purchased the same year I was born.  (I loved that Dodge Ram with the bright blue stripes.)  Another year we visited Europe, traversing a steep, old hill named after the Yoder family and significant to our family’s history.  It didn’t matter that us kids had were pre-highschool.  My dad knew that travel abroad could do wonders in expanding our horizons and providing experiences.

Then, last year, my dad helped me turn those old hills of Holmes County into adventure again.  Every Monday he and I hopped in the truck with the goal of getting just lost enough to find a diner we’d never discovered before.  These diner adventures gave me practice writing and observing, someplace brand new despite its being in Ohio.  Those diner dates made Ohio feel a bit like an adventure.

Happy Birthday Dad and Thank you for all the ways you’ve taught me about ambition, adventure, and appreciation for the little things.


I have such wonderful parents.  *sigh*  A bit homesick.


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