Web-design on the road


3 thoughts on “Web-design on the road

  1. wiggins0 says:

    I vote clevercommotion and madscenetist. And I also vote you use both. Just like on this “Leave a Reply” screen, I see 5 different websites on the right. Use and create many many websites and link them together!! You’re doing so well kind spirit…in fact, your Google ranking is impressive to me. If you type in “Caroline” then you get “Caroline’s Cupcakes”(but really, who can compete with cupcakes?), Ms Wosniacki(a beautiful women’s tennis pro), but as soon as the t-a-k is added, bam, number one hit. Again, seriously impressed. And I know you may not have that large of a following(17 votes here eh?), but Google thinks pretty highly of you, and their stock is around $600 a share, haha. And while my stock is very low, I’m still happy to know you’re living such a full life. Get well soon and please don’t go to Burma/Myanmar, or else John Rambo may need to intercede once again…and he seems to be tired of sequels(lighthearted Rambo reference, but really…)

  2. Alright everyone! Clevercommotion wins! It’s not much yet, but check out what I’m stirring up at http://www.clevercommotion.com

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