up in the airport

Today I have spent much of my time going in and out of the same airport. The more I traversed this little airport in Colombo, the more ridiculous it seemed for the information desk and the Sri Lanka airlines kiosk to be on opposite sides of a check point. Because of this oddly placed security check directly inside the doors of the airport, but past the Sri Lanka airlines information desk, I have been frisked at least five or six times today.
This hectic buzz around the airport began just after 7 a.m. this morning when we realized our 2 a.m. flight had…indeed been an a.m. flight rather than a p.m. flight as we’d thought.
All this leads me to a point that I make in my head so very often:
Travel is life.
Long ago I shook off the illusion that travel is a vacation from responsibility and work and disappointment. Travel includes all of these things just as much as it includes beautiful sunsets and moments of shared humanity between totally contrasting cultures. I’ve always thought that the so called “bad” things in life make it just as beautiful and real as the good things do, and it is (unsurprisingly) the same with travel.
I am exhausted and still worried about the connections left to make before I rest my head tomorrow night. But this is just the pitch black silhouette against the sky that makes the vivid colors of the sunset look so dynamic and alive. This is just the thick layer of dust on my 5 dollar sandals that makes me feel grungy but covered with the grit of experience.
Having said that…I still have a flight to catch and a connection left up in the air


3 thoughts on “up in the airport

  1. Ryan Radebaugh says:

    Ah the little Columbo airport. I had a 14 hour layover there. I was able to get to know the vendors (the ones down the long hallway, under the sign that says that if you are caught with drugs you are subject to Sri Lankan Law ahem….death, and down the stairs) quite well.

    The trinkets and touristic tid bits were enthralling, their stories even more so. After 7 hours of pestering them I went up and laid on my luggage (I didn’t want anybody to slip illegal paraphernalia in them). Then I started to people watch. One unique aspect of the Sri Lankan airport is the level of service. I observed a lady wearing a sari sprinting through the airport to welcome new guests and take them to their connecting flight..

    A very kind German guy came up and sat down beside me. He offered to share a bottle of wine. Apparently my gaydar is not functional. We were having a great chat and then he offered me a proposition. I respectfully declined and immediately started thinking about where to move because I expected this man to continue flirting with me.

    To my surprise, he just expressed disappointment and said “well it was worth a try.” and our conversation continued normally. This was the moment in which I made my first openly gay acquaintance. I also realized that I did not have anything to fear. This is when I discovered the bubble NW Ohio has kept me in. It was then when I started my checklist of friends to make from extremely different backgrounds to start learning as much as possible.

    Oh Sri Lanka. Even though I only saw your airport in Columbo. You provided me with some interesting life lessons.

    Thanks for sharing Carrie! Keep flying.

  2. What a great story! Where were you flying when you had the stop-over in Colombo? My husband is a bit of a freelance travel agent and is racking his brain trying to figure who routes flights through Colombo. In any case…I’m glad you experienced it! I will never forget that airport. for me it was full of screenings and phone calls and the like.

  3. beaver777 says:

    I was heading to Bangalore, India! It was grand. Screenings and phone calls! You never know what is going to happen in Columbo! 🙂 Keep up the blogging….I am thoroughly enjoying it!

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