Left to our own devices…we will make egg sandwhiches

Drew collects frequent-flyer miles and hotel points. (Have I mentioned that yet?) That is how we ended up out here in Thailand and that is how I am now sitting in a “Marriott Executive Apartment Suite.” Did you know those existed? Until a few days ago, I didn’t.

Our lives end up looking very odd because of this hobby of Drew’s. Most nights we are roughing it with an extremely rustic place to sleep, and if we’re lucky, a toilet. No place to shower many nights, and often no blankets either. Every now and then, however, Drew finds a place he can pay for with points and suddenly we are in the shwanky part of town where bell-boys ask to take our dirty old backpacks for us and a lounge with free food and professional looking people between meetings awaits us. These nights are fairly few and far-between, but they are extraordinarily welcome.
We’ve been looking forward to our stay in this apartment suite for a few days now. We love travel and the adventures each day brings. It is a unique and counter-intuitive way to live, however: hunting for a place to rest your head like animals hunt for prey. When we find a place to turn all of the “this is new!” receptors off and just zone out, it is rejuvenating. It gives us fuel for the next days upon days of vagabonding. Thus, the Mariott Executive Apartments were welcome.
Part of my excitement was attached to the fact that it includes a kitchen. In my head, this meant an escape from rice. An escape from the hunt for something even half way vegetarian out among the vendor stands. An escape from someone else controlling how spicy my food is. Don’t get me wrong, I love local food. But I was thrilled for the chance to cook for myself and decided I would make chocolate chip cookies. When you’re on the road, you find yourself missing the most homey things. Homemade cookies for example or a dresser full of clean clothes. Friends. Telephone calls. A bowl of cereal.
Of course…a kitchen is nothing without a visit to the grocery store (or, when none can be found a 7-11 of which there are many here in Asia.) Well, an hour after beginning the hunt for cookie ingredients, we have settled for egg sandwiches.
And they are quite delicious.


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