A Rainy Day in Bali

A motorcycle ride may not be the most conventional rainy-day activity, but I found it to be the perfect way to fully experience Bali’s rainy season.  We rented a little motor-bike for the day.  We are not always thoughtful enough to remember precautionary items like sunscreen or rain-coats, but today we were as prepared as we could be.  We stuffed toilet paper, sunscreen, bug repellant, and raincoats into a backpack and set out on our little motorbike West toward a coastal island.

The drive was immediately beautiful.  The town of Lovina is small to begin with, so it didn’t take long before we were in the country.  Gradually shops and mini-marts were replaced with fruit stands selling spiky jack-fruit and Rambutan. Every now and then it would sprinkle, and when it did, we pulled over to jump into our rain jackets.
No problem.

After looking into the price of snorkeling, we decided to abandon our plan A, and turn around to head to the mountains instead.  Inland a bit from Lovina there is a place called “Git-Git” where there is a beautiful waterfall.  That was our new destination.  We started winding this way and that through the tropic landscape.  The bank to our side became steeper and steeper which, at first, was our only cause for anxiety.  (Drew is afraid of heights, though one would never know it based on his willingness to rock-climb, sky-dive, what-have-you.)  It began to rain again.

This time the sky was not simply cloudy, but opaque with the gray of inevitable rain.  Very quickly, we realized it was not just a passing sprinkle.  We pulled over to don our trusty rain-jackets once more, then headed back up the winding mountain road.   Within a few short minutes it was pouring.  The rain was beating through my flimsy rain-coat and flooding in streams off of Drew’s.  The drops were heavy and strong, unlike the rainy days of my home in Ohio.  They stung my eyes when they hit just right and they collected on my lips in big drops.  I could taste the sunscreen I had put on in the morning.  The banks had become streams of gray run-off.  It was all too much: too much to blink right.  It made the warm air of Bali feel cool.
New goal.  Find a place to rest from the rain.
It’s funny; when you are looking for something…it becomes suddenly scarce.  We pulled over under the roof of a garage to wipe our faces and find the driest spot for my camera.    The rain was not going to let up and we were already soaked, so we turned around and headed carefully back down the mountain.

I don’t know if the rain let up a bit, or if we simply adjusted to it, but after awhile the feeling of discomfort transformed into an excited feeling of adventure. We were experiencing Bali’s most honest offering.



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