the truth about the swamp

Alligators are not as big as I thought they were, nor do they make me as nervous as I feared they might. Yesterday morning we got up before dawn so that we could visit Brazos Bend State Park at just the right time for alligator observation. By the time we got to the beautiful little park, the sun was just rising and dew still rest upon the grass. A change of weather that the Texans are calling “cold” had just come through, so the earth was not yet warmed by the Texas sun. We walked along the riverside trail and scanned over the lily-pads and duckweed in hopes of seeing alligators. At first we had no luck, but as we got further down the river and as the sun gradually began to warm the air, we started to see them.

...does that log have a face? Yes I think it does...

It takes some imagination to translate the brown, motionless bumps as alligators, but after spotting a few you begin to pick out snouts, eyes, and even ridged tails. The cold weather had slowed our cold-blooded friends into motionless, floating bumps. This calmed any nerves I might have had about their danger.
Not to be outdone by our sluggish alligators, we also saw at least two groups of wild boars shuffling around on the bank across the river and a plethora of white egrets and blue herons. The wildlife in the swamp beautified the otherwise murky environment and opened my mind to the beauty that can be found in the Texas bayou. The truth is, the swamp is quite beautiful and full of life.


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