Texas and the poet: 1

Southeast Texas is blue and brown
It is a hot afternoon and a long gaze across fields of green
singed with brown like a sepia photograph

As a visitor, I can look at the dry earth without bother
someone Else’s soil needs water
I am not here to wait for rain
I am here to dip my feet into blue/brown waters at Matagorda beach
and follow the blue heron across a marsh that has crept in from the Gulf Coast
to sit still in a nest of tall grasses
a spot of cool, blue for the thirsty earth


One thought on “Texas and the poet: 1

  1. Mahlon says:

    Just finished reading all your blog entries. It was sorta weird to read the most recent entry first then go backward (prob should have started at the oldest one first and worked my way forward!). Found it very interesting however and look forward to your ongoing entries as you continue your travels. Miss you though and am already wanting to do one of our “diner dates”. Love you a lot.

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