Airports and Arkansas

When I got on the plane this morning I tried to silence the nostalgic and sentimental parts of me shouting little reminders of the family Christmas I’m going to be missing and the first steps my nephew Kian has been gradually building up to.  These are tricky little thoughts that sentimental hearts like mine conjure up, but the roar of an airplane pulsing with pressure in the ears is enough to scatter them and welcome in the excitement of a new adventure.
Now, Arkansas is not exactly the picture of adventure.  The air is hot and the streets look like every other town in every other place.  As far as scenery and culture is concerned…our biggest adventures are yet to come.
But there is something wonderful about seeing my husband reconnect with old friends.  Years fall away and the dingy taco-bell setting seems irrelevant.  We have a rather ambitious budget of spending $7 a day.  …no…not each.   This strict budget contributed to the taco-bell choice, but not even taco-bell has the strength to bring down the mood of a reunion between friends.  Lives reweave.
There is a lightness in my husband’s stride and I love to watch it.  He is reconnecting.


Brother in-law is just as speedy with washing off the "just married" graffiti as we were...

At his brother’s house tonight, we are enjoying home-cooked hospitality and a taste of college life.  The industrial carpet reminds me of college.  The dorms outside the window remind me of college, and the cookie dough we snack on together reminds me of college too. 🙂 There is goodness here.
Thus begins the Arkansas chapter of our adventure.


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