i’m glad i went. but i want more.

Sometimes I feel like a junkie for the wide open “elsewhere.” Perhaps you’ve felt this way too. Growing up, my family and I would all pile into our 80’s Dodge Ram conversion van with the blue and tan stripes and drive distances far beyond the limits of more common-sensical folks. The van became a little home away from home and the backyard changed as constantly as my young attention span desired it to.

About a year and a half ago I moved back to my home town for a spell and i awoke many mornings wishing I could just hop into that old conversion van and drive until the horizon burned orange with glow of the southwest or disappeared in a foggy line on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.    But I was broke and lost and slipping in and out of the early-life crisis our generation has come to embrace.  My parents grew worried about me and helped me dive into questions about what I wanted to pursue….

“I want to write.” I would say in the middle of a conversation over coffee or dinner with the folks.  My parents are wonderfully supportive people and they were enthusiastic about this idea; probing further to encourage the weak little thought into something with legs to carry it. Whenever asked what I wanted to write about though, I would think, and experiment, and inevitably conclude that I write best when I’m discovering something new, or pondering some adventure.

“Adventure” and “new” do not sound like words that describe my hometown of Millersburg, Ohio.  This was the cynical thought I would revel in on the bad days…but gradually… I found things to write about…to remember…and to discover…

the oddest of things in fact…

a great number of them…

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2 thoughts on “i’m glad i went. but i want more.

  1. Grandpa & Grandma WitmerYou are special the way you express yourself says:

    Hi Carrie
    I must warn you that smetime later, much later, coming back to Holmes county will be like a new place all over again. But enjoy your fling with adventure while your young legs will take you wherever you go and soak up the new land scape and smells that go with it and weather as a bonus to enjoy.
    Gramps and Gram W.

    • 🙂 Thanks Gramps and Gram W! I know that I will miss home a lot as I travel. I’ve always kind of been that way. I am so excited but I know that when we return home, that will be exciting and fun too!

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